Striped squill – 3

Puschkinia scilloides – posliinihyasintti

Espoo 29.4.2012

Irwikissin viikonlopun väri on ‘Sininen & Valkoinen / The color of the weekend is ‘Blue and White’


3 Responses to “Striped squill – 3”

  1. Kaunista! Poslininvalkoista sinisin koristein.

  2. The earliest bulbs to bloom in my garden are the tiny Puschkinia scilloides ‘libanotica’ (striped squills). The flowers grow in a shady area on the northern side of my house. These bulbs are extremely hardy, and shrugged off being covered in snow after they had grown their full height. The buds of these plants went into suspended animation for a while when mostly covered in snow, but now they are are opening again. They are white with bright blue stripes going to the tip of each petal on the flower. The blossoms are in elongated clusters with multiple blooms. Ordinarily I’m not enthusiastic about striped flowers, but these subtle blooms are enchanting. The leaves are upright, thickened, slightly arched, and a rich green. This small bulb is altogether charming and well worth growing.


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